The signature product of these tapes is the asymmetrical three layer composite tape "Kebulen tape B 80-C". The "Kebulen tape B 80-C" depicts the current state of technology in the area of one tape systems and easily fulfils the requirements of DIN EN 12068 and DIN 30 672.

Our experienced field representatives do not only train our in-house employees of the service department, they also pass on their expertise during external training, e.g. for public services, public utilities etc. and their employees. With regards to GW15 training, this contains theory and practice and is tailored to your needs in preliminary talks.

We work both with and for you in order to find application specific solutions and then guide and advise you with regards to these.


cold and warm processable corrosion protection systems

  • Kebu Petro-Tape A303 
  • Kebutyl system B 30 
  • Kebutyl system C 30
  • Kebutyl system C 50-C 
  • Kebulen-Tape B 80-C 
  • Kebulen-Tape B 80-C EN
  • Kebu Bitumen-Tape GW 
  • Kebu Bitumen-Tape Spezial 
  • Kebu Polycor-Tape Acryl 
  • Kebu Bitumen-Tape GW/HT 
  • Kebu Polycor-Tape GW/KF 

heat shrinking corrosion protection systems

  • for weld seam connections
  • for plug-in socket connections
  • for flange connections
  • for lamp poles
  • for covering imperfections

special systems HDD and pressing

  • Kebudur-HT-80-System
  • Kebudur GRP-System

accessories kits

  • Kebu welding torches
  • Kebu putty
  • Kebu casting bucket
  • Kebu rasp
  • Kebu notched trowel
  • Kebu casting can

coating DIN:
DIN EN 12068, DIN 30672, 

temperature usage:
from 30∞C up to over 100∞C for specific usage

roll with various lengths and widths single packages or palette